Himalaya Meditation Center/Durga Publishing Company attached to Sanskrit Cultural Institute

The program at the Himalaya Meditation Center in Self Referral Meditation stages
Himalaya Meditation Center teaching various kind of meditation we call "Self Referral Meditation" Sanskrit name is "Sva Sam Vidya Dhyana"

The Program At the Himalaya Meditation Center is organized Self Referral Meditation in the following way:

First, we practice Yoga postures(called Asana), Shitali Karana(relaxation) and Yoga Nidra(breathing and relaxation techniques). Then to purify our energy and Kundalini, we practice Ajapajapa(breathing meditation), Mantra and Sutra meditation. When the body are ready, we practice Gayatri Mantra and Mahamritunjai Mantra. When Kundalini and Bindu are pure and focused, we practice Nada which is the concentration of the third eye, and the listening to the internal sound. This meditation practice, focusing the internal light and sound, comes from Raja Yoga. After these philosophical and practical theorise and practices are set up, we practice Sri Vidya and Maha Vidya which are the highest levels of meditation and which combine all other form of meditation. At the Himalaya Meditation Center, we have arranged the program so that one is led in step from fundamental to high levels of spiritual awareness.